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Smile analysis

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Smile analysis

While in conversation, most of us tend to focus the mid face of the other person. The most important facial feature in the mid face is the SMILE. A smile can affect person's self esteem and impact their relationships and interactions with others.

smile dentistry

Below are some questions which might help you look into various aspects of your smile:

Do you shy away from smiling in public, especially in front of strangers?

How often do you smile?

Do you look at pictures of models and actors, and wish that you had a smile like theirs?

When you look at your pictures, do you like your smile?

When you look at your pictures, do they make you look confident?

When you look at your pictures, do you see a full smile, or smile with your lips closed?

When was the last time you had a hearty full laugh?

What is the colour of your teeth - yellow or white?

Is the colour of your teeth uniform?

Is the surface of your teeth smooth or rough?

Do you have irregular, decayed, missing or chipped teeth?

Do you have spaces between your teeth?

How much of your gums show when you smile?

Do the edges of your teeth follow the curve of the lower lip?

Do the gums of your teeth show symmetry or are uneven?

Do you have ill-fitting dental work done on your front teeth?

Do your gums bleed on brushing or appear swollen?

Do your teeth hurt or are sensitive?

Do you have bad breath or have been told so?

Are your teeth shaky or mobile?

Do you have recession of the gums?

Does any tooth appear out of line or excessively longer?

Does your smile blend with your personality - sharper edges on their teeth denoting a more aggressive masculine look or rounded edges, denoting a softer feminine look?

At our practice we offer our patients a comprehensive smile analysis.

Smile analysis Smile analysis
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