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Basal Implants

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Basal Implants

What are Basal implants ?

Basal Implants also known as Cortical Implants are an advanced implantology system which make use of the basal(cortical) portion of the jaw bones for the strength of the dental implants that are distinctively designed to be placed in the basal(cortical) bone areas.

What is benefit of Basal Implants ??

Avoidance of Augmentation i.e bone graft procedures unless actually essential for esthetic reasons.

Additional surgical risks are avoided.

Cost effective & saves time.

Most advanced system

Well designed for immediate loading.

Permanent fixed teeth within 3 days.

High success rates in patients with less bone height, smokers & those with gum disease.

Employs cortical bone areas which are resistant to infection & resorption.

Dr. Rajat Sachdeva takes a pride to practice these implants as the first dental center in north India since long with high success rates in full mouth rehabilitation and reconstruction cases. We are able to give our patients new set of full teeth with in 24 - 48 hrs of implant placement.


basal dental implant
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