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Mobile Teeth Solution with Splinting

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Mobile Teeth Solution with Splinting

Splinting of teeth

Splinting is a technique used to stabilize teeth which have become loose as a result of losing the supporting bone around them to gum disease. Excessive mobility can cause discomfort when biting and eating

We will tell you if your teeth are mobile enough to require splinting. Another factor that comes into play is the status of the gum disease. If you have active disease, and the bone around the teeth is softened from inflammation, simply bringing the disease under control through other types of periodontal disease management can make the teeth lessmobile.

A fibre ribbon splint is usually used, which is tooth coloured and very comfortable.

Splinting of mobile lower anterior teeth by fiber reinforced strip with replacement of missing tooth using composite resin. It is conservative, easy,cheep, and chair sided procedure.

Mobile Teeth Solution
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