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Full Arch Implant Bridge

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Full Arch Implant Bridge

If you are missing, or need to remove all teeth in one or both jaws, Implants are your best options for fabrication of a fixed full-arch bridge.

As an replacement to wearing a full denture (if there is adequate bone or bone augmentation procedures can be performed to grow sufficient bone) multiple implants can be placed across the jawbone to provide support for a fixed bridge.

The number of implants necessary for a full-arch fixed bridge differs depending on your particular structure, the opposite teeth, the type of bridge you want to have placed and the number of teeth you want or need to replace with the prosthesis.

A full arch of implants can be placed when you are already missing all teeth in one of your jaws. If you have teeth remaining, they may need to be removed as a first step before implant surgery can proceed, or sometimes the teeth may be extracted and implants placed immediately after the teeth have been removed.

We expertise in full mouth dental implant treatment procedures with fixed dental bridges on them with the various dental implant treatments & systems available with us. For full mouth dental implant bridges, we offer Porcelain fused to metal(PFM) Implant bridge as well as Zirconia Metal free Implant bridges.


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