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Painless Micro scope assisted RCT

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Painless Micro scope assisted RCT

Dental procedure called root canal treatment removes the infected tooth nerve which occurs due to bacteria or trauma. Our dentists are able to save the infected tooth via this procedure otherwise the only option left with the dentist is to extract the tooth.

The procedure of root cant treatment includes nerves and blood vessels and the damaged pulp is removed in this procedure. At Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute we have latest technology modernized equipment which is microscopic endodontics. These root canal treatments are done by the specialists which we assure you to be pain free and long lasting.

Deep cavities, injury and cracked tooth are the most common factors that can damage the tooth but now there is no need to get worried about these factors our dentists are always there for you to fix the problem. We believe treatment should be done step by step.

In root canal treatment first of all we make opening in the tooth through back part then damaged pulp should be removed followed by cleaning of root canal and pulp chamber. Now the canals and the pulp chambers are enlarged and properly shaped so we can proceed with the filling procedure nicely. If the treatment needs further appointment then the temporarily filling in the tooth is done to protect it from different damage causing elements between the appointments.

So, in the next appointment permanent filling of canal is done by the dentist with gutta-percha material, it is used to the cavity. Now the final step is cementation of crown on the tooth which maintains the natural look and structure.

The treatment at our institute is long lasting or one can say it’s a lifetime treatment with proper maintenance and oral hygiene. In fact, we are one of the very few clinics which is equipped with a Dental Microscope that makes the process much more efficient and successful.

painelss microscopic rct
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